Pie Theft by a Therizinosaurus

Dr. Williams reporting from the Mesozoic again, feeling rather exhausted after a lengthy chase. It seems that Rodgers had baked a birthday cake for Dr. Greenberg and left it on the window sill to cool…a perfectly reasonable act in our time, but one sure to attract life of the prehistoric kind in our current setting, which it certainly did. A passing Therizinosaurus managed to slash its way through our perimeter fence, grabbed the pie and took off. This lead to Rodgers, and several others including myself pursuing the beast, until it turned around and started chasing us in turn. We just barely managed to escape, save poor Rodgers, whose back side received a rather enthused poking from the aggravated dinosaur. Do you know what a Therizinosaurs is? It’s a unique plant-eating theropod with long scythes on its fingers.

For more on Therizinosaurus, read here. This is Dr. Williams, signing off for now.

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