Stuck to a Struthiomimus

Dr. Williams here, with a report of a lighter variety than last time. After avoiding the Dakotaraptor pack, we managed to make our way back to base camp, intact if somewhat pungent from dinosaur urine. However, a few days later Ms. Malloway was enjoying a good chew of some bubble gum by the perimeter fence, when a passing Struthiomimus peaked its head over the side. The blasted thing pecked once at the considerable bubble Ms. Malloway had blown, which burst, coating bubble gum to her hair. The bursting bubble spooked the Struthiomimus, which panicked and wrapped its neck around Ms. Malloway’s gum-coated head, and unfortunately, the pair became caked together. It took several hours of vigorous scrubbing and tranquilizers for both parties involved before Malloway and the dinosaur became unglued. Do you know what a Struthiomimus is? It was a an ostrich-like omnivore native to North America.

For more on Struthiomimus, read here. This is Dr. Williams, signing off from sometime in the Mesozoic.

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