Running from Raptors

Dr. Williams, here, somewhat pressed for time…and space. I’m currently hiding under a rock. I was on a simple supply run from our base camp’s northern farmland, when my companions and I found ourselves being tracked by a pack of Dakotaraptors. It may have been harder for them to find us, had Dr. Shore not insisted we practice our karaoke on our trek, although their arrival did bring a swift end to Shore’s caterwauling, so that’s a silver lining I suppose. We’ve been hiding beneath this blasted rock for the past several hours, which has become rather ripe as the animals keep peeing on it to mark their territory. Do you know what a Dakotaraptor is? It was a large dromaeosaurid carnivore.

For more on Dakotaraptor, read here. This is Dr. Williams, signing off (under a rock).

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