Winged Sing-Along

This is Dr. Williams, happy to report that I’m recovering from my trying ordeal on the plains of the Cretaceous. Not so happily, Dr. Smuller took the opportunity to include me in one of his infamous sing-alongs, which he feels the need to inflict on the staff of our time expedition. Not only that, but half-way through, Smuller was joined by a chorus of Aetodactylus perched on the outside ledge. Do you know what an Aetodactylus is? It’s a prehistoric flying reptile, much like the better-known Pteranodon.

We have discovered that these animals have the ability to mimic human speech (or song) like parrots. Unfortunately, they show about as much musical talent as Dr. Smuller himself. For more on Aetodactylus, read here. We’re planning another observational trip in the coming days. I’ll update from sometime in the Mesozoic soon. – Dr. Williams

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