Prehistoric Dip

Dr. Williams here. I remain posted at our time expedition’s base camp, where the oppressive Mesozoic heat has begun to wear on me. Seeking a respite, I decided to join Hendrickson and a few others in a brief dip in a cool inland sea. However, a tranquil swim turned to embarrassment when a pod of Icthyosaurs happened upon us and one of them speared, and subsequently swam away with, my swim trunks, leaving me completely exposed before the other swimmers. Do you know what an Icthyosaurus is? It’s a prehistoric marine reptile, sort-of like an ancient dolphin. These animals have a playful – and annoying – side. I was forced to craft a make-shift pair of underwear out of cycads.


For more on Icthyosaurus, read here. I’ve returned to base camp and will report from sometime in the Mesozoic again soon. – Dr. Williams

Picture Credit: Raul Martin

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