Dino Rhinos

Dr. Williams here, posting again from sometime in the Mesozoic. Things at base camp have become somewhat hectic recently, due to our finding ourselves directly in the path of migrating herds of Pachyrhinosaurs. It seems that these animals take a “summer vacation” every year, following the waterways southward, which it seems put them on a direct course through our base camp. Repairs on our perimeter fence have been time consuming, and Rogers is depressed as it seems one animals bounced him off a tree and trod on the tablet containing his collection of wacky caricatures. Do you know what a Pachyrhinosaurus is? It’s a blunt-horned Ceratopsian plant-eater, from the same branch of the dinosaurian tree as the Triceratops.

For more on Pachyrhinosaurus, read here. Clean up on base camp continues. I’ll post again soon – Dr. Williams, signing off for now.

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