First Entry

This is Dr. Williams, posting my first log entry from sometime in the Mesozoic. I wanted to start getting my thoughts down before the next dinosaur attack, or spontaneous sing-along courtesy of Dr. Smuller. My rations are almost gone, and it’s a two-day hike back to base camp through territory crawling with Acrocanthosaurus. Do you know what an Acrocanthosaurus is? It’s a large theropod dinosaur, native to North America. There are plenty of them here in the Cretaceous. One of them bit Rogers the other day. He made it back to camp, but then a Hadrosaurus sat on him. For more on Acrocanthosaurus, read this, and for more on Hadrosaurus, try here. By the way, do you know the worst thing about dinosaurs? Their breath! I can smell it coming closer now! I’m setting out for base camp. Will update my log soon. – Dr. Williams

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